Deepa Mehta is an Oscar-nominated (Water), transnational filmmaker whose work is celebrated on an international scale. Her emotionally resonating, award-winning films have played every major film festival, and many remain audience favourites.  She is best known for her Elemental Trilogy: Earth, Fire, Water. Other films include, Bollywood/Hollywood, Heaven on Earth, and the epic adaptation of Midnight’s Children - Salman Rushdie’s three-time Booker Prize winning novel.  Her work challenges traditions and stereotypes and is always daring, fearless…provocative. Mehta is both a rebel and a humanist, and that spirit saturates her newest work, Beeba Boys, a tough, stylish gangster film. 



For the past 18 years David has produced Deepa’s celebrated, influential, and popular films, including the Oscar nominated (2006) Water; the two previous films in her Elemental trilogy: Fire and Earth; and the comedy Bollywood/Hollywood. In 2013 he produced Midnight’s Children - Deepa’s epic adaptation of Salman Rushdie’s(three time) Booker Prize-winning novel.  David has run numerous business ventures, produced documentaries and concerts, and served on arts boards.  He is a truly independent producer and has successfully sold their movies around the world – to over 40 countries.